Product Detail

SB Commando MK VI

Folding kayaks and inflatable rafts

Design for infiltration and intelegency mission, the Nautiraid SB Commando kayak and inflatable raft, were developed to meet the requirements of special forces needs. The lates Nautiraid Kayak model, 'SB Commando MK VI' is a two-seater folding kayak. The framework is made up of two main pre-assembled parts and limited number of individual parts to complete the assembly. The SB Commando MK VI kayak is the reflection of the constant developments and improvements of the Nautiraid SB Commando military kayaks, which have been in use for decades, notably in the French Navy and Army. This development is regulary enrihed by the observations of users of Nautiraid SB Commando folding kayaks from NATO forces and other Navies or Armies on several continents.